Obama Keystone Selection Sets Donors Against At Risk Senate

20 Mar

Top Democratic donors oppose the task. And Obama himself dismisses claims that it will create several jobs. Nevertheless theres still one major impediment for the president saying no to Keystone: election-year politics. It could destroy Democratic candidates in states with major energy companies, such as Louisiana and Alaska, if the direction is rejected by Barak. Which could cost Democrats control of the Senate — a risk thats likely to weigh heavily on any decision the president makes, to accept the direction, refuse it or wait till after a decision to be announced by December. Associated: Keystone Foes Take Aim at Baltimore Gas Project If Obama approves the pipe, he alienates environmentalists and the quit; if he rejects it, he definitely hurts numerous endangered Democratic senators, said Charlie Cook, publisher of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. The path of least resistance is always to continue to punt your decision until following the midterm election. Dan Pfeiffer and mature Obama agents Valerie Jarrett have indicated privately they oppose the pipeline, based on several people that asked for anonymity to go over the problem. John Podesta, Obamas psychologist on energy and climate policy, has said he wont be engaged in your choice, though he was freely contrary to the challenge before joining the government in January.

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