Barak Tells Eu To Complete More To Cut Dependence On Russian Gas

27 Mar

A worker checks wires in front of a gas pipe before the launch ceremony for the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline in Anapa December 7, 2012. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin Obama said and reiterated the danger in Brussels authorities in Europe and Washington were conversations feasible measures against Russia’s energy field, a lifeline of its economy. CHALLENGING TRADE TALKS The European Union and the USA presently trade nearly $3 billion in goods and services daily and, by developing financial connections, the pact could develop a market of 800 million people wherever company could be performed easily. Politicians on both sides claim a deal pact capturing practically half the world’s economy set the standards for global business before China does and may produce $100 billion in additional economic productivity per year on both sides of the Atlantic.

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