Saudi Arabia: Obama Attempts To Help Relieve Backlash Over Syria

29 Mar

US President Obama visits Saudi Arabia Obama advisers said the two leaders spoke honestly about their differences on critical issues, with the leader showing the master that he remains committed to the Gulf regionis protection. Saudi officials have produced especially concerned with what they view as Obama’s tepid reaction to the Syrian civil conflict and have pushed the usa to allow them to perform an immediate part in delivering the rebels the air defense programs called manpads. A senior official claimed it was being considered anew, in part as the US is promoting further connections with all the rebels in the last year, though administration officials have previously ruled out that option. US-Saudi relations became strained last fall when Barak decided against launching a military attack on Syria, choosing rather to back a plan to strip Syrian leader Bashar Assad of his chemical weapon stockpiles. US authorities say the relationship has improved since, with both sides striving to coordinate more closely their initiatives to prevent the Syrian clash.

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